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With more than 15 Years of experience,


What makes El Cubanito Domino stand out?

How our tables are made

     All of our tables are individually handcrafted to fit your needs. The best possible workmanship and materials are used for the production of these unique domino tables. All domino tables are made of solid hard wood.


     Each ashtray/cup holder is meticulously handcrafted from solid birch and considered a one of a kind masterpiece. They work great as either a cup holder or an ashtray; whichever you or your guests prefer. The cups are waterproof and flame resistant so cleaning them is a breeze!


     For that extra special touch, upgrade the included domino racks to our hand crafted wood cigar domino racks. With our signature feature, everyone will know you’ve bought the best, from El Cubanito Domino! These hardwood hand carved cigars (tobacco) are detailed with the most popular cigar labels (labels will vary).

Domino Table Finish

     The polyurethane finish comes in your choice of two colors, maple or black. This special stain repels any liquid so there are no worries about spills or moisture.


     Cleaning is a snap, just wipe with a clean cloth. To maintain it’s beautiful finish, use any household cleaning spray, like pledge, to preserve the natural beauty and keep the dominos gliding smoothly.

Personalize Your Domino Table
Domino Table Legs

     Whether purchasing a table with wood or metal legs (as shown ), you can be assured that only the best quality materials are used. All the tables are designed to be easily portable and easy to store.


     If you’d rather show off that beautiful table than hide it away, you can put your masterpiece on display. All the tables double as pictures! Just hang on the wall and enjoy its craftsmanship and beauty. 

You can personalize any of the tables with your family name, favorite picture or even your company’s logo. It is a great way to promote your product or business and makes for a wonderful conversation piece.


     Just mail us(link to contact page) a CD with a hi-resolution version of the picture you want to use. Final size should be at least 26”x 26” at 300dpi. Please note we will not return any artwork.

Company Domino Tables

Imagine how your company logo will look on a custom designed El Cubanito Domino Table! Your logo on both the tabletop and on our trademark cigar domino racks.

Please call us at (305) 725-5412 for all the details, we’ll be happy to create a custom design for you!

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